Welcome to the world of Bleach! Be a Shinigami, Espada, Hollow, Arrancar, and more! Enjoy this forum RPG with friends, even your enemies.. Keep to the rules and have fun in the world of BLEACH RPG!
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 How to create a character:

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PostSubject: How to create a character:   Tue Jan 06, 2009 2:28 pm

This is an example of how to create a character:

Name: What you will be called in the game.
Squad: You will be assigned a squad by the Captain-Commander. Leave this spot blank.
Soul Slayer name: The name of your weapon.
Soul Slayer description: Describe your soul slayer.
Type: Shinigami, Hollow, Arrancar, Espada, Bounto, retired Shinigami, Vizard, or a mix of some sort.
Bankai: Only certain retired Shinigami and Vice-Captains, Captains, and the Captain-Commander can have Bankai's.
Bankai description: A description of your bankai.
Shikai description: The form of your Soul Slayer before Bankai, describe it.

After approved character creation, you will be put in a squad, then update your signature to have the important info of your character. Name, Squad, and Soul Slayer name. Fit more if you can.
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How to create a character:
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