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 My Character

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PostSubject: My Character    Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:30 am

Name: Shōnroiyariti (shawn royalty)

Squad: You will be assigned a squad by the Captain-Commander. Leave this spot blank.

Soul Slayer name: Purotekutā (Protector)

Soul Slayer description: in its sealed for its a normal zanpakuto worn on the left of the waist and the sheath is dark green the guards a normal one, and the handle is dark green.

Type: Shinigami

Bankai: Only certain retired Shinigami and Vice-Captains, Captains, and the Captain-Commander can have Bankai's.

Bankai description: Mina o mamoru (protect everyone)

when released blade grows width wise 2" and is double sided and grows height wise of 3". The guard turns into a solid circular shape with a 6 point star on it. The Handle turns into a Capital Y shape and is white with a white ribbon hanging off it.

a.)bankai attack 1-Mugen hogo shīrudo (infinite protection shield)/ when activated an energy shield surrounds him and can protect him from any attack at the point of even standing there while the opponent uses it

b.)bankai attack 2-heavens help (Ten no tasuke)-when said and blades held in the air bring down hard with both hands and a giant blast of reiatsu blasts towards opponent.

c.)bankai attack 3-Protection of love (Ai no hogo)-only used to protect the ones i love when said aura around me glows red and blade glows red and bleeds red reiatsu and i run towards opponent and lets all my power out in one stike the place were used explodes and when smoke clears either him or the opponent will be down. only can be used once

Shikai description: Hogo (protect)
when released is a normal katana blade, handle looks like a capital D and is black, and the gaurd disappears

a.)shikai attack 1-Hogo shīrudo (protection sheild)/ when activated an energy like shield surounds him and is protected from most attacks

b.)shikai attack 2-strike back(Gyakushū suru)-have to have contact with enemys sword then say it and a powerful blast of energy comes out of my blade

c.)shikai attack 3- defense strike (Bōei no sutoraiki)-must be running and say it then a red colored energy surrounds blade and when it hits opponent anywere explodes.

Hopefully this will be approved if you got any suggestions for me to change in this tell me.

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My Character
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