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 Chriswicker's Character

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PostSubject: Chriswicker's Character   Sun Oct 18, 2009 7:37 pm

Name: Chriswicker


Soul Slayer name:Fundajii

Soul Slayer Description: Long as my body, like an over sized katana and really thick and crescant shaped. pitch black with a handel wrapped in Saphire blue silk with a bit extenting so as i can swing around like a shield. Shikai: gets thinner more like a regular katana, still bitch black with Saphire blue silk. Bankai: The silk is now as dark as the blade and the guard is now like a Yin-Yang symbol and the blade looks like it has a dark aurua cominmg from it.

Type: shinigami.

Bankai:Darkness Detstruction

Bankai description: Allows the user to make a slash with spiritual energy and makes the user a lot faster and more proficient with the weapon, and when it hits the opponent it drains some of their spiritual energy into the user.

Shikai: increases the users speed and reflexes a lot and allows the user to make slaches of spiritual energy that can cut through anything.
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Chriswicker's Character
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