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 Allicia (my character)

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PostSubject: Allicia (my character)   Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:44 pm

Name: Allicia


Soul Slayer name: Elementia

Soul Slayer Description: a normal katana that appears to have no special features

Type: Shinigami/ Vizard mix.  Mask is a pair of goggles

Shikai: Using the command ‘Descend into chaos’ causes an explosion of spirit energy that destroys any clothing or equipment Ellie is wearing (part of the reason she only wears very simple clothing when required) and forms a pair of katana made of raw elemental power that never shows fewer than 3 elements. Primary element during an attack is selected with a thought.  Her body is cloaked in an aura of wind power.
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Allicia (my character)
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