Welcome to the world of Bleach! Be a Shinigami, Espada, Hollow, Arrancar, and more! Enjoy this forum RPG with friends, even your enemies.. Keep to the rules and have fun in the world of BLEACH RPG!
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 Explanation of characters you can make: Please look at before making a character!

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PostSubject: Explanation of characters you can make: Please look at before making a character!   Wed Jan 07, 2009 12:32 pm

Shinigami: Shinigami are souls that have supernatural powers. Shinigami and retired Shinigami are the only ones in this game that have the abilities of Shikai and Bankai. The Shinigami live in the Soul Society and fight Hollows in the real world. (In this game would be known as Karakura Town.)

Hollow: Hollows are a race of creatures that are born from Human souls. These souls do not cross over to the Soul Society, and are left in the Human world for to long. Hollow's live in the Hueco Mundo. There are 3 types of Hollows. Gillian, Adjuchas, and Vasto Lorde.

Gillian are the first form of a Hollow. By eating more Gillian-form hollows, Gillian can become Adjuchas.

Adjuchas are the second form of a Hollow. By eating any kinds of Hollows, Adjuchas can become into Vasto Lorde.

Vasto Lorde is the last kind of Hollow. Most Vasto Lorde are hard to find and lie in the deepest parts of Hueco Mundo.Most Vasto Lorde are Espada, a little group of ten Vasto Lorde. Held by Aizen. (Note: Aizen will note be in this game.)

Arrancar: Arrancar are Hollows who haved removed their masks. Once their mask are removed, these type of Hollows gain Shinigami-like powers. Arrancar do not have Shikai or Bankai, but have released forms. If you make an Arrancar, please add a Release form description to your creation form. Also do not put anything in the Shikai and Bankai slots. Arrancar do have Soul Slayers.

Espada: Espada consists of 10 Vasto Lorde hollows. So to be one you have to be a Vasto Lorde hollow. Espada work for Aizen and live in Las Noches, which is in Hueco Mundo. Espada do not have Shikai or Bankai but have released forms like Arrancar. If you become an Espada, please add a Release form description to your Character Form. Also do not put anything in the Shikai or Bankai. Espada do have Soul Slayers.

Bounto: Bounto are a spiritually active-human group. Bounto do not use a Soul slayer, but something similar, called a Doll. In the Soul Slayer slot, please put in Doll if you become one of these. Also this type of race does not use Shikai or Bankai.

Vizard: Vizard are Shinigami's with Hollow-like powers. Vizard have special masks that can be summoned by the person at any time. These masks improve most strength, speed, and defence. Most Vizard are not allowed in the Soul Society. Vizard do have Soul Slayers, and Shikai, and Bankai.

Please add any extra info that you can, please talk to me before editing this post. This post will be locked but will be unlocked for editing purposes.
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Explanation of characters you can make: Please look at before making a character!
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