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 Shinigami Sketh Tsujimoto

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PostSubject: Shinigami Sketh Tsujimoto   Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:26 pm

Name: Sketh Tsujimoto

Soul Slayer name: Ryuken-ryumo {Blue Rose Of Ice}

Soul Slayer description: A long thin blade with a black handle and gold trim on the hilt

Type: Shinigami

Realeased State: The blade of the zanpakuto turns light blue and the air around sketh becomes cold.

Realeased Command: Bring forth the ice

Realeased description: The air gets so cold that shards of ice appear around him in the shape of multiple blue roses, with sharp spikes made of ice as thorns.
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Shinigami Sketh Tsujimoto
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