Welcome to the world of Bleach! Be a Shinigami, Espada, Hollow, Arrancar, and more! Enjoy this forum RPG with friends, even your enemies.. Keep to the rules and have fun in the world of BLEACH RPG!
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 Jinso Mizura

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PostSubject: Jinso Mizura   Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:25 pm

Name:Jinso Mizura
Soul Slayer name: Kuri Aisume
Soul Slayer description: long icy blue katana with large tribal hand guard.
Type: you could say i am sort of both Shinigami and Vizard (control of hollow inside)
Bankai: Not reached
Bankai description: Not reached
Shikai description: 'Freeze Aisume' the hilt disappears and the blade becomes sharpened by ice. the rest looks same as normal above.
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Jinso Mizura
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