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 1rt Espada or Espada Leader: Ragel Muerto

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PostSubject: 1rt Espada or Espada Leader: Ragel Muerto   Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:54 pm

Name: Ragel Muerto

Squad: Espada Leader

Soul Slayer name: Mazza La Angelo

Soul Slayer description: It is a rather lite and wide blade. Its hilt is marble and the blade is jade. It is able to cut threw air and leave the area without oxygen.

Type: Espada/Hollow

Realeased State: The Blade becomes narrow. The Hilt turns to a white marble color as the blade turns into a Golden shade.

Realeased Command: Death to all who oppose us!

Realeased description: Allows the User to control all forms of air. He can create tornados,steal all the oxygen form a set area, fly,etc.

(OOC: Dont worrie im a good 'rper i wont godmod if this is approved )
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1rt Espada or Espada Leader: Ragel Muerto
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