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 kaikao monogatari

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shitei masaki

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PostSubject: kaikao monogatari   Tue Feb 03, 2009 3:54 am

Name:kaikou monogatari

Squad: non,I'm a vizard

Soul Slayer name: junseiken

Soul Slayer description: A katana with a gold hilt

Type: vaizard(can I be leader?)

Bankai: (if vaizards are retried shingami,then I'll make my bankai)kyuukoku junseiken

Bankai description:allows the user to control a golden dragon

Shikai description:it can control space

Extras:command to unleash:live to command,junseiken
vizard mask:
shikai appearance:
bankai appearance:
(P.S.I do not own any of the pics
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kaikao monogatari
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