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 Captian-Commander Kieto

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PostSubject: Captian-Commander Kieto   Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:00 pm

Name: Kieto. Call me Captain-Commander Kieto
Squad: 1st Squad. Captain.
Soul Slayer name: Zarati
Soul Slayer description: Weapon is a sword. The top of the hilt has a demon head with the blade sticking out of the top of the head, a long black string flows off of the end of the hilt. The blade is jagged and pointy, cutting through anything in its path.
Type: Shinigami-Vizard mix. Mask looks like the hilt of my sword, the head of a demon.
Bankai: Bansu Zarati
Bankai description: I use my sword to cut a X in the air, ripping into another dimension. I then stab into the middle of the X, and I then get shrouded in a shadow mist. When the mist clears, my cloak is ripped at the bottom. And my sword is a two-handed weapon. The hilt is still a demon head, but bigger. The end of the hilt still has a string, but is wrapped around my one of my arms, keeping the sword connected to me. The blade is bigger than the sword itself, and has many curves. The tip of the blade is very pointy.
Shikai description: My sword enters my hilt, then comes out of the mouth of the demon on my hilt, and the top where the blade originally was, the blades almost connect, making a pincher like device. This becomes my weapon, the blades can open and close. The two blades also have little spikes on the sides, to use as a regular weapon.
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Captian-Commander Kieto
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